Katelyn's Preschool Graduation 2017 - Nadia Kriger Photography

Katelyn's Preschool Graduation 2017

Katelyn's Preschool Graduation... Somehow I didn't expect to loose it there... For my emotional state I blame Ms. Lynne, Katelyn's teacher. This sweet lady went above and beyond making this graduation ceremony as real as they get. From the walk to the stage ( and this is where I lost it! I literally sobbed so hard that my camera shook! Watching Katelyn zoom down the isle wearing her cap and gown took my breath away! I blinked and she turned into such a beautiful and smart little girl!) to amazing personalized center pieces to the program where the kiddos got to show off all the learned to the love on the teachers faces as they handed the "diplomas: and shook each kiddo's hand (and hugged) - the event could not possibly be any better. The images this little ceremony will never leave my mind! I am so grateful for this school and the amazing teachers Katelyn got to grow with!