My Girls' Enchanted Garden Birthday Party - Nadia Kriger Photography

My Girls' Enchanted Garden Birthday Party

On August 20, 2016 we celebrated my daughters’ birthdays. Tori turned 2 on July 10th. Katelyn turns 4 on August 22nd. What better reason could a mom have for an Enchanted Garden Birthday Celebration than having two princesses who love princess dresses and all things pretty?! So I got carried away just a little, but I had a blast decorating, creating, and especially photographing the sheer delight and joy on my daughters’ faces (especially Katelyn, who KNOWS she’s a princess!). This birthday celebration just happens to be the first “real” party in our new home. We all love everything about this house and the yard that surrounds it, so I couldn’t wait to share it with some of the dearest people we have in our life.