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The photographs of my family, especially those of my children, are my most prized and treasured possessions. Even if I never made a dollar in photography as a profession, I wouldn’t have a single regret over the continuous learning, the classes, and the equipment I’ve invested into over the last two years to have images that are not only meaningful, but are also beautiful masterpieces decorating the walls of my home. Any photograph, regardless of how skillfully it is taken, is the only way to preserve a fleeting, irreplaceable, a once in a life time moment that you can return to and relive as often as you wish. Whether it’s a phone snapshot or a masterpiece adorning the walls of your home, photography is the only way to record that which you don’t want to disappear into yesterdays. Only photography is that powerful! I once said to a friend that I need a time machine to stop time because my children are growing up too fast, to which she replied: “You have a time machine. It’s the camera in your hands.” How true are her words! Although I don’t have too many pictures I’ve taken 10 years ago with my disposable Kodak cameras displayed, I treasure them as much as I do the pictures I take now with my fancy, professional camera. These images are the moments that will live on for me as my children grow up and move on. These images tell stories for my children of their own babyhoods, their toddlerhoods, and their childhoods. These images re-tell my children’s lives’ stories to me, so that I never forget, never lose sight, and always treasure the baby feet, the sibling mischief, the daddy-daughter bonds, the first concerts and recitals, that special smile, the attitudes, the routines, the bedtime story with Daddy, the time Katelyn asked me to make her nails pretty just like Mommy’s, the books, the toys, the blankies, the laughter and the tears, the love and silliness, the trips, the visits, the everyday, the life… our family’s life as it happened… my life. This is why I live, why I sacrifice, what I treasure, what and why I love. Sometimes, in the busyness of life, I forget what matters, what I used to feel like, what things used to be like… That’s when I go back to my baby-books and remind myself that my now 11-year-old full of attitude still has the same nose I fell in love with when he was just a tiny baby… that my now 4-year-old no longer screams around the clock hanging onto my neck… that even the 2-year-old isn’t a baby anymore, but a force to reckon with… My pictures help me cope with the fact that time only moves faster as I grow older… My pictures bring the best moments of the past into my present and are a tangible representation of the moments I will treasure for as long as my heart beats. That is why I am and always will be a photographer.

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