A friend told me recently that she googled Martinsville area photographers and my business name came up on the first page! Yay! Considering how little advertising I do, this was such a huge thing. And this means that I have to blog much more regularly. When? Hmm... Our family Christmas this year certainly gives me a reason to come here and share our Christmas with you.  

It's been too long since the entire family got together like this! My sister bought her very own first home and hosted this Christmas celebration, providing such beautiful space for the festivities (and pictures) to take place. We tried to jam so much into just a couple of days! But most importantly, we gave our daughters time to reconnect and enjoy each other's  company. Katelyn and Naomi (my niece) hit it off so well and it took just a day for Katelyn to announce that Naomi is her BFF! They had so much fun together! 

It's a lot of pictures, but a lot has happened and my pictures tell stories. Nothing gives me more pleasure than capturing life as it happens and then reliving these precious moments of my kids' childhoods! Most pictures are captioned to better tell the story.

So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy my digital story of our Christmas. 

(The pictures are divided into 3 equal parts as only a certain number of photos can be added at one time. So, if you're looking through the images one at a time (in expanded view) of a section and you can't click anymore even though you know there's more pictures to see, click x at the top right and go to the next section. Click on an image to expand the view. Continue as before). 

Christmas with family in Va Beach.

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