I really should post here much more than I do! But between work, kids, home, and a business... advertising or even just keeping this website updated somehow falls to the end of a very long to-do list. Thanks to rain (courtesy of Florence) that keeps us inside for a few days, I am able to not only catch up on laundry, but also post a few things to this blog. And what better event to start this with that this cuteness. Thanks to a Sunflower field photo session I had scheduled with a friend, we ended up in a few new to us places and got to enjoy not only  the gorgeous sunflowers (albeit in a absolutely scorching heat) at Beaver Dam Farm in Buchanan, VA, but also some amazing scenery Southwestern Virginia has to offer while making an impromptu stop at Washington and Lee University campus in Lexington, VA all while on our way to see a drive-in movie in Hull's Drive-in Theatre! And yes, we did all that with the girls wearing their princess costumes. Luckily, we were in awesome company because my friend's daughter is a princess too and when you're a princess you're a princess everywhere you go. I have to admit, the gorgeous grounds of Washington and Lee and the girls in their beloved princess outfits sure made this photographer one happy momma ... or this momma one happy photographer ... i think it's both:)  Anyway, this turned out to be a pretty awesome day. 


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