Katelyn's Kindergarten Graduation

And just like that Katelyn has graduated Kindergarten! And just like that both the girls are moving on to the "big kid" school, in itself an event that brings me to tears. All the King's Academy ladies are so dear to me, but a couple will forever stay with me.

Ms. Rachael is one of those ladies. 

In October 2014, when Tori was 4 months old and Katelyn was 2, and I have never had to do daycare before, Tori started the nursery and Katelyn started K2 at King's Academy. To say that I struggled with this would be an understatement! I stayed by the door of the nursery sobbing for what seemed like forever unable to move especially when Tori was crying. Only one person made this bearable: Ms. Rachael. At the time, she worked in the nursery and when baby chaos ensued, Ms. Rachael started singing old gospel songs, and as if by magic, crying was replaced by this beautiful soothing voice. I loved that voice! That voice helped me function at work and gave me peace that my baby will be okay. 

I can't even begin to describe how thrilled i was to find out that Ms. Rachael would be Katelyn's Kindergarten teacher! My babies started KA with Ms. Rachael and they would be finishing their time in KA with Ms. Rachael! 

I couldn't have asked for a better Kindergarten experience for Katelyn! The attention, the love, the support, the atmosphere, the respect and adoration Katelyn had for her teachers.. every aspect of being at King's Academy was a sweet and positive experience. Although incredibly excited about the "big kid" school, Katelyn still wants to make sure that she will be going back to  her school for after school program. 

I have been beyond blessed to call these ladies not just teachers, but dearest friends and family. 

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