King's Academy's K3 Graduation

We have been so incredibly blessed to have King's Academy as our kids' school! In about a week, Katelyn will be graduating KA's Kindergarten program and this momma will be in tears not just because her babies are growing faster than she can handle, but also because this is an end to a KA chapter. I truly whole-heartedly love the ladies of KA so much that this ache I feel feels like moving kind of an ache, when you wonder if you'll ever see your loved ones again. I know I'll see them every now and then, but they've become a family I want to see everyday. Having photographed these kiddos a few times, I've got to know them and get special "you took my pictures!" hugs. Even KA parents have become friends! KA has truly been a 2nd home for the last 3 years.

Enjoy these pictures, guys! They are free to enjoy, download, and share!

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