Meet the Photographer

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Nadia Kriger

Martinsville, Virginia  based Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer

I am a mother of 3, who are the reason for everything I am, a wife, a teacher, a volunteer who uses photography to raise awareness, and an Army veteran who strives to find balance between a passion- driven life and natural, faith- and wellness-centered living.

  I have not always been a photographer. I’ve not even been known to be the one with a camera or the one who’s “into pictures”. My love for photography began shortly after my brother’s untimely death and the birth of my first child. The combination of those two life-altering events resulted in photography becoming my coping mechanism, my passion, and most importantly, an ability to preserve moments I wanted to treasure forever. Photography is a heart condition for me; it effects how and why I photograph my children at play, landscapes that surround me, or my clients. Photography is an incredible time machine that captures moments that might only last for a second and documents them for a lifetime. These are the moments I strive to capture –the ones that emerge effortlessly and organically, and then become images that are full of life and natural expression. My wish is that these images become the wall art that adorns the walls of your home and is treasured for generations.

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I believe that life is measured in moments; the  moments we long to hold on to and relive for as long as we possibly can. When you consider Nadia Kriger Photography to capture your life’s treasured moments, you consider someone whose sincere desire is to turn your life’s precious moments into treasured art. Nadia Kriger Photography is all about you. It truly is my honor and privilege to capture that which makes your heart beat and your world go around: your life,  your treasured moments.

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