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“Don’t ask them to live in your world. Visit theirs instead.” (unknown)

At Katelyn’s baby shower a family friend approached me and said something about how awesome it is that I will be having a princess. Without skipping a beat, I shot down her enthusiasm by telling her that I’m not raising princesses. After all, I am the farthest thing from a princess! I am a tough, self-efficient, Army veteran, black/grey wearing strong woman who isn’t afraid to break a nail. A few weeks later Katelyn was born and I swear the child wore a tiara! Katelyn was a princess from day one!

Before she could label colors she knew her favorite color was pink. She ran like a princess and needed her fingers cleaned after each bite while feeling herself finger-foods.

At about 4 I was helping her get in the tub. I helped her undress and picked her up and lowered her into the tub. As I was picking up the clothes off the floor I notices Katelyn was still standing in the tub with her hand stretched out to me and says “Help me down, Mommy!” Who does that?! What 4-year-old needs help sitting down?!

As she gets older, I am daily amazed at the strength of my little Princess to not only know who is she despite of who her mom is, but also to get her mom to cross over to her bright pink side to the point that I can’t even imagine my life without color pink. Decorating Katelyn and Tori’s room has been a testament of that crossing over. I wanted Katelyn to be giddy in love with her room and Katelyn the Princess loves pink, so pink room fit for a Princess it had to be. Surprisingly, this wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be for someone who lives in black, grey, and white with occasional plashes of red. This turned out to be an incredibly fun project fueled by endless and bottomless love for the girls.

At five and a half, around Christmas, Katelyn, who is clearly a daddy’s girl, insisted on a haircut “just like mommy’s” and made me take her to cut her long beautiful hair. Although it hurt to do that, I was beyond flattered that she wanted to look like mommy. Soon after that, she started asking for earrings. I insisted she takes some tine to think about it, during which she asked on daily basis if today was the day we’d go.

A few weeks later, she started paying attention to my make-up and started asking for make-up of her own. Grrr! This little girl needs to slow down this growing business! So a few days ago I purely accidently ran into this natural, chemical free, organic play make-up for kids. It was in a cute pink box, too! Obviously, I had to get it. I couldn’t wait to show it Katelyn and to see the look of surprise on her face!

So today (3/2/18), thanks to a surprise day off school thanks to a crazy wind, we got to play make-up. It was such an amazing, squeal-filled trip into Katelyn’s world! She was on cloud nine all day and couldn’t stop checking if her make-up was still there.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m a photographer; obviously, I agree. I cannot control the urge to document most precious moments – or any moment - of my kids' life through pictures. These pictures are beyond precious to me (despite their less than ideal quality) and perfectly tell the story of one of my most favorite “visits” to Katelyn’s world. 

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